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Custom Framing and

Restoration Services

Custom Framing Services and More

Corporate Art & Frame offers custom framing and repair for artworks. Our basic services include:

  • Stretching Needlework
  • Building/Repairing Frames
  • Stretching Canvas
  • Framing Mirrors
  • Shadowboxes

Stretching Needlework

The type of needlework determines how it should be handled. Most embroidery and stitchery can be stretched on an acid-free mounting board by pinning or lacing. We never glue or staple.

Heavier needlework, such as crewel and needlepoint, may need to be dampened or blocked. If glazing is used, it should never touch the needlework.

For work that has beading, spacers can be added for extra depth. Matting will answer the need for space between the needlework and the frame.


Framing memorabilia such as jerseys, musical instruments, or sports equipment, can be done by mounting the item and framing them in a deep frame. The frame is usually covered in acrylic instead of glass for safety reasons. Determining how to frame the item/s and how to best display them is in the design process. 

Stretching Canvas

We stretch canvas paintings or prints on stretcher bars to be framed or gallery wrapped.  Gallery wrap is stretched on a deeper bar with image appearing all around so that no framing is required for a professional finished look.

Mirror Frames

Almost any mirror can be framed, an older mirror attached to the wall, an accent mirror or a practical mirror for use in closet, bedroom or bath.  Different methods of framing are used for each situation, whether it's a new mirror or updating an older mirror.

Repairs or Replacement of Mats & Frames

Mats faded & damaged by sunlight or moisture should be replaced as soon as the damage is noticed.  Having your artwork examined by a professional framer can save you the loss of valuable artwork (whether it's financial value or sentimental value).  Changing mats can also update your artwork as colors & styles change over time.  Frames should be examined for damage caused by moisture, smoke or insects.  Sometimes the frames can be repaired without having to replace the frame entirely.  Or, you may simply want to update the entire appearance of your artwork.   

Design Services

Adding or changing a mat or frame can change the artwork dramatically. It can be your idea, ours, or a collaboration of both to achieve the perfect design. We’ll give you time to plan and take a look at our mat and frame samples that come in various colors, sizes, and shapes.

Our clients can choose from hundreds of wood or metal frame samples and mat board that is pH neutralized and acid free, as well as 100% rag and archival museum quality mat samples from established vendors.

Restoration Services

Our gallery in Cape Coral, Florida also offers limited restoration services for the conservation and preservation of frame and/or the artwork. These services include cleaning, removing varnish discoloration, reapplying varnish, and touching up missing or damaged areas of paint. We also clean and replace damaged or missing pieces of antique frames.

All of our restoration services are at the discretion of the framer after inspection. Any restoration work not performed may be referred to a conservator. 

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