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Restoration Services

Restoration of an antique gold frame that had tarnished over the years - the original painting was restored as well

Cleaned & re-varnished antique original painting

Design Services

Choices in mat colors & widths, double mats or single mat; frame choices are a matter of your taste, we can help you with all the design elements that will support & compliment your artwork & your personal style. 

Same artwork, different mats & framing

Same artwork, different mats & framing

Projects Completed 

Samples of customer's projects, as well as samples of artwork on display in our gallery


Original, lithographs, etchings & prints, signed & numbered with biographies of the international & locally known artists 

Samples of Unframed Art Available for Matting & Framing - Update or Add to Your Home or Office or Rental/Vacation Property

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