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Customer Reviews/Ongoing Series of Informational Entries

Custom Picture Framing changes as new methods, styles & trends, and materials improve and update over time.  We will attempt to keep you informed of the latest information thru this our website on this page.  Please feel free to add your custom framing comments...  

Our Latest Entry

February 19, 2021

I found a stitchery project that my grandmother made in 1898.  A stitcher myself, I knew I needed to have it re-stretched and protected from further fading and deterioration by someone who knew what they were doing!  I called Corporate Art and spoke with Iris, the owner, and her framer.  Sharing my concerns, I was assured it would be treated with care.  Two weeks later, I picked up my beautifully matted and framed stitchery & noted the conservation methods & materials used.  Not only do I have my grandmother's handwork proudly displayed on my wall, but I now have a family treasure to pass on to my children and know they will be able to enjoy it for years to come.  I will bring my next stitchery project to Corporate Art & Iris - Thanks!  Monica W., Punta Gorda, FL

***The customer's needlework was stretched on acid-free foam board, using stainless steel satin straight pins.  The matting was also acid-free, and the glazing used was TruVue Museum Glass with 99% UV protection.   

Our Latest Entry

October 5, 2021

continued from Home Page - careful choosing of mat and frame, quick turn-around for delivery of the completed work, very careful handling of our treasure, and an overall pleasant experience dealing with Iris.  We are more than satisfied with the result, and hope to return with other works as we collect them for our display in our home gallery.  We highly recommend Corporate Art & Frame, Inc,  Fran D., Cape Coral, FL

Our Latest Entry

January, 2022

Bringing artwork to Florida means making a visit to a local custom frame shop is a MUST!  First, any artwork you bring should be opened & evaluated by a professional framer - any unseen damage may be repaired at this time & protective measures such as acid-free matting & mounting, and UV protected glass can be installed.  Environmental changes where your artwork has been kept, & tiny pests & dust may have caused unseen damage over time.  Fading of artwork or photographs can happen slowly & be unnoticed until the framing package has been opened.  

Second, while our weather is nice, the sun & humidity are harmful to your artwork.  Once you have your artwork reviewed by a professional framer, you will be advised to replace any glass or acrylic with UV protected glazing.  You should also be aware that the placement of your artwork is important here - even museum glass only protects 99% of UV rays.  Florida sunlight is intense & valuable artwork even with protection should not be hung in direct sunlight.   

And last, when you travel, leave your air conditioner on 79 or 80 degrees - DO NOT turn it off as the heat & humidity will damage your artwork.  It is recommended that you have your artwork reviewed by a professional framer every few years to prevent damage from becoming unrepairable and to take advantage of new & preservative framing methods & materials  

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